Are You Ready?

(It's always Yes or Yes.)

  1. Step one: Admit you aren't where you want to be. 
  2. Step Two: Get off your butt and in the game.
  3. Step Three: Create success on your terms. 
I'm Listening...
I'm in the Right Place.

We’re each only limited by our own imaginations.

When you’re passionate about something, then you should go after it with everything you have. We don’t do half-ass around here. You deserve to have the life that you dream of, provided you’re willing to put in the work.

(And if you choose to settle for mediocrity? Well, then you’re in the wrong place.)

Are any of these broken records currently on repeat between your ears?


  • I’m ready to quit making BS excuses for myself and start being a better parent/partner/leader/lover/athlete/fill-in-the-blank. 
  • People don’t see me as the incredible badass that I am. 
  • Everyone around me has more/does more/is more than me.
  • Is there a secret to living the life I dream of?
  • Some people have all the luck. And I’m tired of it.
  • I’m ready for some balance; how can I be such a baller in some areas, but a trainwreck in others?
  • I feel like I’m watching the world happen all around me.
  • I’m sick of playing it safe.
  • Things happen TO me; not FOR me
  • I know where I want to go, but I don’t know how to get there or where to start. I need a freaking roadmap.
  • My life isn’t nearly as awesome as I thought it would be by this point.

What if I told you that I already have the answer to your question that’s at the heart of all of these limiting beliefs?


(And yes, that’s exactly what these are: LIMITING BELIEFS. And whining. And bitching. There I said it.)


How can I step fully into the life that I KNOW I’m meant to be living?

Getting clear on who we are, what we value and where we want to go in life takes us to the next level by tapping into the best versions of ourselves that were there all along.

Show Me How

Earn More Money

Living day to day isn't living. It's surviving. Change that.

Improve Relationships

Want to have incredible, meaningful and impactful relationships? They are built.

Prioritize Physical Health

If you feel like shit, everything else goes to shit.

Network and Engage

Those dimming their light, dulling their sparkle or warming the bench need not apply.

Grow and Expand in a Safe, Supportive Space

You’ve found your tribe. Do the damn work. We got you.

Practice the GAME Method

Perfection is a shitty standard and every day is a blessing. Start playing The Game every day.

Learn from Industry-Leader, Vaughn Granger

That’s me! And they told me to say that. But seriously, let’s do this. I'm not special (which means if I can do it, so can you).

Let's Do the Damn Thing.

Whitney McDuff

“The Legion is where I go to connect with people who “get it”. It’s about being surround by people who understand that the only thing getting in our way is ourselves, and are willing to take action to shift the narrative. It’s about connecting with other leaders who are committed to making an impact. It’s about being with people who show up for themselves and drop their excuses. Success is a game, and I’m here to win.”

David Thomas

“The Legion is made up of like minded individuals who what to take action and see results in all areas of life. It’s about learning from others in different industry’s who are leaders and want to impactful change. It pushes me and holds me accountable as well personally and professionally. We are only here for so long and must strive each day to grow and be strong leaders. Be a lion.”

It’s time to quit playing small.


Quit wearing the mask. (It’s exhausting, isn’t it?)  Claim your seat at the table. Or better yet, make your own damn table and invite whoever the heck you want to sit at it with you.


(I’ll keep an eye out for my invitation.)

What You Get:

  • Weekly tactical, mindset-driven pre-recorded coaching sessions
  • Bi-Monthly expert interviews to facilitate growth, development and engagement
  • Weekly LIVE group coaching calls with Vaughn Granger, based on his signature GAME Method
  • Immediate access to the private Facebook community where the magic happens
  • Immediate access to The Legion’s Resource Hub where you’ll find all the previously-recorded videos and coaching calls


I’m Vaughn, second generation haberdasher, entrepreneur and men’s performance coach on a mission to help individuals reach new heights in their professional and personal lives. Nothing excites me more than watching people pursue their own unique versions of success instead of settling for mediocre. I developed the GAME Method as a framework for addressing- and optimizing- all the key areas of our lives simultaneously so that we can ultimately show up in the world as our absolute best selves.

Most importantly, monthly memberships include LIFE-CHANGING RESULTS for those willing to show up, show out and play the GAME like the freaking beasts they are. 


All you have to do is say it…

Put Me In, Coach.

Just $47/month for a limited time.