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About Vaughn Granger


Vaughn Granger first became a business owner in 2007 on the day that he became equal partner in a family-owned men's apparel store.

Since then, he has not only built but continued to scale and operate multiple seven-figure companies.

As a husband and father of three, Vaughn understands the challenges of being successful not only in business, but also what he considers the key foundations to living a fulfilled life.

The pillars that are essential to an overall well-being are cohesive. Vaughn’s formula for success doesn’t start with drawn out business strategies or numbers. It begins with and continues to include meaningful relationships, physical wellness, and most importantly the mentality that through faith he can seize each dream or opportunity that he’s passionate about.

Vaughn finds the most gratification by helping others identify and act on what they believe to be their purpose or purposes in an unpredictable world.

His story isn’t one that is all glitter and gold. While some spend decades trying to achieve what they see as success; Vaughn doesn’t want it to take 15 plus years as it did him for people to achieve their goals in life.. Why do we only follow models as it relates to business trends, economies, and specific industries? If it works for a company, why do we not follow models or formulas that are proven effective as it relates to our daily habits and our mindset? It took years to create his own formula, but Vaughn eliminates the long waiting period for his clients by providing them with a cheat sheet to design a life of success on their own terms.

Vaughn is a true believer that all human beings are physically and wonderfully made from day one. However, it is on us as individuals to ensure that we continue to treat our bodies, minds, and those around us with care and respect.




Are you living a life that is on purpose? Are you stepping into what you were created for? Did you spend time with your Creator today?


You have a body and therefore are an athlete. Are you treating yourself like one? Did you train your body and mind today?


Did you make money today? Did you move the needle in your business? What activity do you need to action on today?


Start engaging & investing in your relationships instead of ignoring or using them. Add value to others. Daily.


If Vaughn's mindset could be summed up in one word it would be confidence. Vaughn believes that everyone is capable of anything as long as they can remain confident in themselves. 

In their ability to learn new skills. Dream big. And ultimately to figure it out. 

Whether that is looking good for a date, closing that big deal or starting a new business venture. 

Confidence breeds success.



Want to transform your personal image and your brand in the marketplace? Vaughn works with a very exclusive group of individual clients who want "to look the part" by helping them style, fit and curate their wardrobes.


Professional athletes, actors, singers...anyone performing at the highest level has coaches. Why wouldn't you if you want to be at the top of your game. Vaughn works with clients individually or in a group setting called The Legion.


Interested in Vaughn working with your company or speaking at your event? He enjoys giving presentations catered to the individual needs for your audience.

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